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know what will the presenter to make some headway of ukraine seven countries though russia they were torn from planning the salty g eight summit. as the world watches a tense standoff continues between ukrainian or russian forces this pt crimean peninsula the all sky is told is this lady wins best picture of all space for the gravity takes seven awards including best director. cool which we jumped on sunday about russia's present pitch in supporting its a pitch except he replies oh i hope to start up thought of between and policies of both the credit crisis. the dakotas taiwan the us jeremy and five other countries issued a joint statement that will be restoring from pining for russia's get to it. g eight summit in such a course on sunday nate to convene in a maxi meeting to discuss its options. i deplore in russia's recent actions grading. we call on russia he estimates tensions. we call from russia. tool on our board is international commitments. to withdraw its forces to its bases. and to reframe from any interference elsewhere in ukraine. and alternate the phone call wa
of isolation essentials of the country's most is on ukraine. teasing someone the west of the sky making the places in the first place while he is the source is critically johnson charge of several key economic regions in a bid to stamp out the river bandits sentiment sweeping the southeast. and also the part well and good intentions and the consequences of westlake humanitarian convoys to syria are reportedly being teased by one of the european tour contest to join defines the interval tonk country the eye. it seems not to drink you like most. welcome to the problem. and listen to the breaking news announcing to the show and in tiny ukraine and fools division has pledged donations to the crimean people eight hundred pence an hour almost sixteen warplanes are not under the command of local authorities. that brings the total number of troops have reportedly switch lanes in the paintings he had to almost six thousand in just two days and on tv garbage can on kansas now alive and from the crimea time favorites at various up to date on the developments in crimea. well this is an air force to
in ukraine. that country's acting prime minister is calling for international help. there's word tonight that secretary of state john kerry will travel to ukraine's capital on tuesday and is condemning russia's move into the ciman region. it's the site of a naval base and thousands of russian troops are standing guards alongside city streets as well. >> this is actually the declaration of war to my country. >> you just don't invade another country on phony pretext in order to assert your interests. >> secretary kerry is also threatening russia with economic and trade sanctions if putin's troops don't pull out of crimea. >> the violence in ukraine has spurred the people in the u.s. to do something to help the victims, including an artist on tour in the south bay who has very close ties to the region. nbc bay area's kimberly terry joins us from san jose with his campaign for peace. kimberly? >> victor key, an ukranian-american is a having circumstance performer and has been paying close attention to what's going on. he'll have two weeks off as the show picks up from san jose and moves on t
to be the president who started the war between two neighboring and friendly countries, between ukraine and russia, so he has this target, we are on the brink of the disaster. >> that is why young ukrainians receiving orders. >> hope that the situation is -- will be known. but ready to save my country. >> reporter: many sought to save their country in recent month and paid with their lives. now after turmoil of revolution, ukrainians live under shadow of war. they have their own sense of defense. they would be tested but no solution. ism tb news, kiev. >>> what's driving vladimir putin's thinking of all this? what's the russian perspective? for more, professor emeritus at princeton university. thanks for joining us. putin just raised the stakes a significant amount. why? >> we hear the american view, putin is imperialist soviet leader, trying to recreate the soviet union. he's something fundamentally different. he came to power 14 years ago and inherited a collapsed state. remember the russians may have collapsed twice in 20th century, 1917 and 1991. putin's mission is to restore russian stability, gr
, ukraine on the brink. russian troops moving into the country while the rest of the world chooses sides. the new steps the u.s. is taking this morning and the key ally russia may have picked up overnight. >>> right now, brutal winter storm pummeling the east. millions waking up to snow and ice, being warned, stay off the roads. schools and offices shut down, thousands of flights already grounded this morning. our indra petersons is live tracking this latest winter storm for us. >>> and while you were sleeping, it ended, just minutes ago. hollywood honoring its best at the academy awards. we'll have the show-stopping moments and all the historic wins. good morning, everyone. a lot going on this morning. welcome to "early start." i'm john berman. >> i'm christine romans. it's monday, march 3rd. it is 5:00 a.m. in the east. >>> let's begin with breaking news, the crisis in ukraine escalating by the hour. u.s. officials confirming russian forces have seized complete operational control of the crimean peninsula. ukraine's new government putting its own military on high alert, charging russia
has changed this weekend in ukraine. russia now controls part of that country and pressure is growing across the world. the american secretary of state will meet with ukraine's leaders in kiev on tuesday. also the british prime minister pressured trowz pul russia to p. russia's invasion is not just a threat but a declaration of war. also the head of ukraine's navy was fired for treason today after he swore allegiance to pro-russian leaders. our teams are in kiev and the regional capital of crimea, sim verm. simferopol. jennifer glasse is there. >> stability to crimea, what that means he doesn't know. he refused to give up. then more russians arrived, truckloads of them. the colonel watches and tells someone, they're here. the ukrainians move an armed vehicle to their gate. but there will be no reenforcements. no one is coming from kiev he tells me i'm alone me and my brigade, we'll do what we can and we'll see, we'll see. >> the expander in his brigade says we'll see if there's going to be war. then the troops come in on foot. some sifnlts tried to stop. but -- civilians tried to stop
signed between ukraine and russia. >> the army opened recruiting stations across the country. there are nine in the capital alone. on the outskirts men were waiting outside before the doors opened. people have been responding enthusiastically for the call to mobilise. here there are young men, older men, people with military experience, people without military experience, but who want to take part. we visited a total of three stations in and around kiev and in the first few hours seller hundred enlisted. >> somehow we have to win. i can tell you that we will win, but we have to. >> russia is powerful. on the other side we have friends in europe, united states who claimed the support, so we will fight until then. >> this is the gravest confrontation between russia and the west since the end of the cold war. what started here as a protest movement escalated beyond what most demonstrators imagined. it's not over yet. >> you have to keep in mined ukraine's new government is less than a week old and is facing daunting challenges. phil ittner is in kiev focussing on that part of th
lost their country. they do not see it is realistic to fight against ukraine. -- country spent $4 million the russian military spent $7 billion. there is still a revolutionary spirit here. there is not a lot of anxiety. everyone is celebrating. a tad bit anxious it could spread to the east. >> thank you. ukrainections in the have led to the worst and off in the west of russia since the end of the cold war. i am joined by peter cook. tell us what the options are for the president to rein in his counterpart, vladimir putin. >> they are not great but he has options. military is off the table. they are offering and offramp -- president clinton and offramp -- they are offering president putin an offramp. john kerry in his tour on sunday talk shows mentioning and highlighting there will be more pain to come unless he backs down. that will lose the glow came out of the olympics. g8 if not remain in the this continues. american business may pull back. there may be a further total of the ruble. a jesus christ day. -- a very bad day. then there is the offramp, the motivation to president cl
-marie green. we begin with a degrgrowing cri in ukraine. ukraine's minister says his country is on the brink of disaster. following russia's invasion of crimea, ukraine has put its military on high alert. there is worldwide outrage over the invasion and fears russian president vladimir putin isn't done yet. today secretary of state john kerry leaves for ukraine to meet with leaders in kiev. yesterday kerry called on putin to pull back. >> it's an incredible act of aggression. it is really a stunning willful choice by president putin to invade another country. russia is in violation of the sovereignty of ukraine. russia is in violation of its u.n. obligations. russia is in violation of its obligations under the u.s. charter. >> this morning there are reports of russian naval movements in the black sea. charlie d'agata is in the capital of kiev. charlie, good morning. >> reporter: we've just returned from the parliament. good morning, anne-marie. we just returned from ukrainian parliament where defense ministers are trying to find out if anything can be done with russia's military intervention
? >> kiev has nothing to do with moscow and internal conflict, ukraine deeply divided country and deeply divided nation. >> so the coverages continues tonight. you will hear from arizona senator john mccain and real life stories of the people living through the crisis in crimea and how life is changing there. join us at 9:00 p.m. the conflict is a major issue at the u.n. human rights council. a hundred ministers and officials address the council. trying to ease international concerns over their government's actions and in south africa, witness testimony began in the murder trial against oscar pistorius. the neighbor said he heard a woman's screams on the morning that os core pistorius killed his girlfriend. in china three more arrests after a deadly stabbing ram panelling. it happened in the south western part of the county. the attackers were from a far western province. >> the trial for the al qaeda member in the united states started today. we have details on that and other stories making the news across america today. >> tony, jury selection began in new york of the son-in-law of osa
on the ground in crimea following a dramatic weekend in the ukraine. the country's new prime minister faces a declaration of war by vladimir putin, saying this morning that he wouldn't give up the crimea region. u.s. secretary of state john kerry will travel to kiev tomorrow for talks with the ukrainian fwoft. >> president putin is using force in a completely inappropriate manner. steve, we're hearing the ukrainian prime minister saying he won't give the region up. where does that leave us? >> it leaves us, of course, in a very dangerous situation, julia. this is territory which actually previously back in 1994 the dude pest memorandum, russia was one of the signatories that recognized the territorial integrity and sovereign of the entire country including the ukraine. the russians are saying that events that have overtaken other pieces of law which would record that sovereign pmi, saying at the defending interest of native russians and russian speakers within the ukraine. but, of course, many people have come before us. politicians and indeed representatives of the government who have said
in the ukraine. deteriorating. the country's energy situation is crucial. after the break, we'll find out who is waiting in -- who is weighing in on the ukraine's power struggles. ♪ >> welcome back. we're taking a closer look at europe's energy situation. affected by the conflict in the ukraine. what happens next is completely up in the air. joining us now is the executive chair of the global energy symposium. let's talk about europe's exposure to russian gas and the ukrainian throughput. to what extent should we be worried by the escalating situation? >> the longer this crisis remains, the greater the impact is going to be on energy expectations in europe. we are already seeing that this morning. of any has happened great significance in the ukraine other than some russian troops showing up in the crimea. it has been enough to start spiking prices and spiking future levels. that is going to be more pronounced as we move forward. the interesting thing is what is already doing in new york, which i think is an overreaction at -- moment, given what is at what is actually occurring. i keep tell
control the crimea peninsula in the southern part of the country and ukraine is mobilizing military calling up reserves and asking for volunteers. this morning the foreign minister sergei fedorov says it's about defending rights and john kerry is heading to kiev on tuesday to meet with members of the interim government and british foreign minister william hague is there right now. we have live team coverage this morning and lisa stark is in washington and begin with phil who is in kiev. good morning, phil, the russians surrounding a ukrainian base in crimea and have operational control of the peninsula. what is happening now in crimea and just off shore in the black sea? >> well, stephanie, they are consolidating power on the crimea peninsula. they have surrounded a number of military bases there but we have spoken to ukrainian intelligence sources who say there are still some very strong, capable ukraine units and threats coming from the other side of the border. we have learned today that the ukraine intelligence officials are aware of where russian tanks are located. just on the
-kray-kray. jim? >> a country in turmoil after a week of deadly protests, ukraine has been the scene of horrible violence. >> the protestors say police had snipers firing at them. and that 100 people have been killed. could russia send troops into ukraine? >> who's in charge. >> viktor yanukovych is nowhere to be found. >> it is no longer clear who is actually in control of that country. >> folks, this sort of instability comes as no surprise to students of geo politics such as myself who have -- >> the ukraine without massive force is a fool'ser and. too many borders just passes back and forth between east and west, until jamie knocks the board over. oh, sure t was an accident, jamie, just when i was about to trade in my cards for 24 more armies. oh [bleep] but now, now folks, no one knows where yanukovych is. but protestors raided his presidential compound to find a private golf course, a fleet of classic cars, and a private restaurant shaped like a pirate ship. (laughter) >> it even had a little place mat for the kids where you lead the country's finances into the president's pocket. folks, i
will be on this region here, where i am today, in east ukraine. this is the second biggest city in the country, the industrial heartland, kharkov. many people here have been encouraged with what's happening in ukraine and would ideally like the russians to come in here, too. behind me, you probably can't make it out now, but there is a huge statue of lenin under which there is a group of pro-russian protesters. they occupied this and hoisted the russian flag, and in violence between them and kiev government supporters, many dozens of people were injured. today in doniesk, another area, pro-russians occupied government offices there. the fear is that russia is trying to create the sort of chaos and instability here to justify intervening on behalf of the russian speakers. now, not everybody here would be happy to see the russians come. and clearly, one of the key focuses of john kerry's visit tomorrow will be discussing with the new government in kiev what measures the west can take and how russia can be deterred from further interference, from further aggression in this, the industrial heartla
with economic sanctions. >> and ukraine's new prime minister said this morning that his country will not give up crimea to anyone. he's accusing russia of declaring war, and ukraine's military is getting ready to fight. elizabeth palmer is at a ukrainian air force base in sevastopol crimea. >> reporter: he has spoken up in geneva, and he has made it clear that russian troop also stay in southern ukraine, until, as he put it, the situation normalizes. in crimea, the russians are in control after a bloodless takeover that's lasted less than a week. there are still pocketing of resistance. ukrainian forces barricade inside their own bases. but they're surrounded by the russian military and hopelessly outnumbered. some have switched sides, including the head of the ukrainian navy. ukrainian troops who had hoisted the russian flag at their barricade, and they were backed by local militia who stole our body armor and told us to turn back. so we headed to the nearest railway station and took the train. we've just crossed the border into crimea and the train didn't even slow
we see that putin has been facing a rebellion on his border. in ukraine which is country of absolutely crucial strategic poshes to russia and many russians feel deep kinship, where the orthodox church was born. we've seen a movement turning west toward europe, putin tried to buy off the government of president yanokovich offering $15 billion to turn away from this invitation from the eu then you had a movement of thousands of people in the streets risking their lives to say, no, that's not the future that we want. we do have to remember that the prelude to this crisis is key strategic ally of russia urning it's back. with all of the dynamics the last several days in kiev and capital of ukraine you still have the successor government, an anti-russian government, calling to the u.s. for support, looking west to europe. i think the big choices, putin has to decide how much he wants to risk. how much he wants the put on the table. europe has to decide whether it's really willing to stand behind the people of ukraine in what will be a very expensive effort to pull them from ru
prepared to fight for their country, to fight to maintain ukraine's territory. people are singing patriotic songs. behind that, you get the sense that people are deeply concerned, even fearful about what a full blown conflict with russia. the giant neighbor to the east of ukraine, would actually mean. the interim officials of the administration here in kiev, they have been saying they want this to resolve diplomatically. at the same time, they have called up their reservists and started putting them on a military footing. there is a real sense tension and dane jury? the air, john. >> also, matthew chance in dehe have, anger, fervor, concern. christiane amanpour, you just spoke to the woman who cob the central figure in ukraine's future. what is she saying right now, anger, fervor, concern? >> incredible concern. she is a real power broker there. she is a real player. we understand we can not face off against the russians. if there is further russian encouragement, if things get worse, then ukrainians who are already angry, already patriotic, will defend their country. look, they have alread
's parliament approved the request to use military force in ukraine, a country on the brink of civil war after weeks of unrest between pro russian easterners and the protestors calling for freedom. this is after president obama made this statement to reporters. >> just days after the world came to russia for the olympic games it would invite the condemnation of nations around the world and indeed the united states will stand with the international community in affirming that there will be costs for military intervention in ukraine. >> critics say the warning was weak. fox news learned from a senior u.s. official that the pentagon has not prepared any military con tingsys for ukraine. as putin flexes russia's military muscle, the president obama administration this week is making proposals that would shrink our military. when chuck hagel was nominated to be secretary of defense, i strongly objected based on his record as a senator and some of his comments about our allies in the middle east that absolutely scared the living day lights out of me. my fears, they were not unfounded. as this week h
, a further hit on human rights in the country. he says the supplies to ukraine and syria and many other countries. and then he turned his attention to address what was going on in ukraine and talked about the roots of the conflict of being fanned by the west and west essentially is supported gunmen, armed men in kiev. he said that now we have a government in kiev, the new government there, which is unconstitutional and it's illegitimate and it is further damaging human rights. he said there are constant threats from nationalist and what is going on in crimea at the moment arfurther provocations being prepared against the black fleet in crimea. >> we know the impact of the action is being felt there in russian. describe that to us if you can and of course if the u.s. has its way, this is just the beginning. >> well, the main effect that is being felt in russia at the moment is economic because there has been a severe tumble in russia stock markets today, a severe tumble in the value of the rubble which hit an all-time low against the dollar. it has rallied after the central bank stepped
ukraine has increased significantly. the number is six as one country to fourteen thousand asylum applications have been received within the past two weeks. alarming decrease local crime means he quickly became clear that the new government in kiev was going to push for policies that would make life more difficult including removing russian as a second official language in the country's regions. europe is to not report the frustration of people in crimea where russia has spoken by the boss majority. the mets in the twenty and are now building a family here on dawn's mother ukrainian what all the robots on his father's side are from russia one of the season that the question for mobile but she claims to have left when her native land which became low priced item was this last year when the languages you speak. the more you can land in capri pants. i want my child to be built there and hold them without any restrictions but the new authorities in kyiv for the nationals presents a more interesting. one of the first things they did after storming to bauer was canceled was and is the s
. adam: continuing to follow the news out of ukraine, the country's acting president is speaking out clliming russian forces in crimea continue to grow in size. as e.u. leaders call an emergency summit in brussels for thursday to discuss the growing problems. fox news radio jessica guller is down on the ground in ukraine. she joins us with the very latest. >> russian speaking troops are basically taken an infantry base not far from where i'm staying. they surrounded the troops, told us you're with us or against us. if not we'll hold you hostage. ukrainian soldiers have been also, we understand the head of ukraine's navy surrendered after his second day on the job. he is now being tried for treason because, ukraine says that obviously he has betrayed his country. the coast guard has moved its fleet from their ports here in crimea, out to the black sea, although kiev maintains the shipses are still loyal to kiev. also there is a massive increase in the amount of troops here on the ground as one can imagine from friday until today. i see a lot more tanks rolling buy. and the hotel where
. that this is internal conflict. ukraine was deeply divided country. and deeply divided nation. >> sure. >> this is practically two nations and two countries. and in case, this was my early warning, i am dealing with this problem for 25 years. and i warned, the day when nationalists will capture the power in kiev. >> as that's what you feel has happened here? good and this is the gij of the end of ukrainian statehood because the first action dks. >> why are they nationalist and people who saw for their own lives in their own futures a closer alliance from europe and moscow and russia? >> usually president putin say this many times. let's separate flies on burgers. because flies on burgers are not good. because on kiev, a lot of honest people people were dissatisfied of the situation and the country about corruption and all these kind of things. >> with the yanukovych government? >> yes, that's true, that's true and really this is. but who is commanding the parade over there? the right sector? and extreme nationalists? their slogans under the swas swastika, ukraine for ukrainians. we are
it signed with that country. the secretary of state kerry is headed to kiev to offer aid to ukraine to make it more independent of russia, and he warned moscow that continued intervention in ukraine will cost the -- the costs will be high. >> if in fact they continue on the current trajectory they're on, that we are examining a whole series of steps, economic, diplomatic, that will isolate russia. and we will have a negative impact on russia's economy and its status in the world. >> protest spoke on the phone with russian president vladimir putin for 90 minute officers the weekend, and spoke with leaders of germany, poland and united kingdom. seven other countries in the g8 have suspended plans for a summit in sochi in june. the value of the ruble has fallen. >> many of the president's critics are blaming this on him. >> they are. arizona senator john mccain calls the president's foreign policy feckless. he says he may believe the cold war is over but vladimir putin does not. even the "washington post" editor you're board declared the foreign policy is based on fantasy, that's a quote. and
? >> it respects ukraine is an independent country as long as that country does not seek to integrate with the west. the moves by ukraine, in order to try to integrate free trade with the eu would actually harm interests for russia as they are so integrated. it is just to prevent ukraine from integrating further with the west. >> i understand your point, it is well taken. what about the people to decide in moscow? >> it isn't the majority of the people that were in the street. it was the select population inside of ukraine that was in overthrew that yanukovych's government. seeing counterdemonstration this past week and against the government and integration with the west. united population at this time. >> we have received word that russia is demanding that the cre two ukrainian warships surrender immediately or be stormed and seized. how might the international community responded this action distinction -- is taken? which russia has demanded or given an ultimatum to the ukrainian military team out of the gradient stores that has been refuted by russian forces. there has been an incredible amount
for ukraine's broken economy. alexis christoforous cbs news. >> on a cross country trip to raise awareness about the crisis in his homeland. he's a performer for cirque du soleil and he stopped by last hour to talk with phil matier. >> you don't see the future. you don't see the forward thinking. you don't know what's going to happen next day. >> the help ukraine project has a web site to raise funds for ukranian people fighting for political reform. >>> a popular bay area park is closed to visitors this midday. they have close and area of point rays national seashore to protect seal pups. visitors are being asked to stay at least 100 yards away. >>> now is the time to apply for a permit. only 300 hikers are allowed to use the mountain's metal safety cables each day. permits are issued as part of a lottery so you can apply at any time and still have a chance to stand atop the dome. just don't do it when there's a lightning storm. >> i've heard of people dying up there during electrical storms. that's one of those things i want to do. >> so you would do it. >> i would love to climb it. >> i
occupation of all or part of the country. i would draw attention to the basic fact that ukraine and russia are different countries. americans and canadians have a lot in common. a lot of americans and mexicans have a lot in common. that doesn't mean we start speaking about frontiers zones. we know it borders are. we don't speak about the interests of english speaking people in canada were spanish-speaking people in a sicko, then claim we have a right to invade or vice versa. ukraine is a sovereign state. russia's direct military interest in ukraine is its base in crimea, which is secured by international treaty until 2042. one of the provisions of that treaty is russian forces are not to move beyond the borders of that phase, which they have now done. that is one more agreement they violated. in terms of the question who is provoking white, i'm happy to hear that telephone call cited. imagine just how much evidence the russians have of what the u.s. is doing in ukraine, given that access to that telephone call. that was the best bit they could come up with. in the context of the time, with
. . >> it is 10:00 here at the end of a very tense day in the country of ukraine. all eyes on the situation in crimea. the government in kiev, the central government, a shaky government to diffuse the crisis in the southeast in crimea. the diplomacy is something that the government here is looking for. looking for the involvement from the west and the united states and the european union. also at the same time they are calling up military reserves and trying to get as many volunteers as possible outside in independence square right behind now. you can't really see because of the fog and the darkness. all day people have been giving their names to officials volunteering to fight if it comes to that. it has not yet, but it's still very, very tense indeed and no telling what may happen tomorrow with russian forces on the ground in crimea. as many as ten bases surrounded by forces in crimea. there was talk today of an ultimatum by a commander of the complete. that has been contradicted out of russia when you go short low for that. president obama a short time ago spoke about the situation about
in ukraine although there's been no reported attacks targeting russians in the country. xian russia's parliament has approved chris to live in a pretence request to deploy it reached ukraine's crimea peninsula days of two thousand began to seize transport links and government buildings the kremlin's green lights came out of the consents to the quick spritz the lives of the russian federation and our compatriots you authorization to use force would last until the normalization of the safety of the situation it's the same reason that has been used by invading georgia in two thousand and eight. ukraine's acting president are links on this touchy no responded with a stark warning that any minute intervention in ukraine could lead to wall. there is a doubt creeps in crimea without seeking a rush and the kremlin has not yet confirmed it. he described subsidize or twice nation as a threat to future action rather than compilation soldiers are already involved in any confrontation that a rifle has been welcomed by the region's russia majority the city of sickness pill has had to make to russ
. >> this is actually the declaration of war to my country. >> reporter: as protesters take to the streets in ukraine, republicans in congress are questioning the president's influence with foreign leaders. >> we have a weak and indecisive president that invites aggression. >> well, i think putin is playing chess, and i think we're playing marbles. >> reporter: but the president's supporters in congress backing him. >> now what congress has to do, what the senate should do quickly is a resolution condemning what putin has done. >> reporter: meantime, prayers for peace inside ukrainian churches here and hope that the invasion ends without violence. secretary kerry is also threatening economic and trade sanctions if president putin's troops don't pull out of crimea. in washington, melissa mollay, nbc news >> the violence in ukraine has spurred people in the u.s. to do something to help the victims, including an artist on tour in the south bay, who has very close ties to the region. nbc bay area's kimberly terry joins us from san jose with his campaign for peace. kimberly. >> reporter: ukranian-american
. the crisis in ukraine deepen as the u.s. warns russia not to try to split the country. >> united states will stand with the international community and there will be costs for any military intervention in ukraine. >> russian troops move into crimea as the interim government accuses the kremlin of an invasion. what happens now? we'll have a live report. and the chair of the house intelligence committee, mike rogers, joins us with the latest. only on "fox news sunday". >>> then a new investigation into irs targeting of conservative groups. we'll talk with house oversight committee chair darrell issa. he's calling back former irs official lois lerner who has refused to testify. a "fox news sunday" exclusive. and president obama prepares to unveil his new budget with defense cuts and no entitlement reforms. >> it makes no effort to address the drivers of our debt and deficit. >> we'll sit down with leaders of the congressional budget the committee, senator rob portman and congressman chris van hollen. plus arizona governor jan brewer vetoes a bill that would protect religious freedom over g
in ukraine until the normalization of the political situation in the country. the russian army has taken control of the entire region, they could also be sending soldiers into other parts of the ukraine. 100 50,000 troops have amassed on the border. situation that could change or medically at any moment. the first shot fired at signal the beginning of the civil war or war between russia and ukraine, or both. in other words, it is an extremely serious situation. >> ukraine shares its border with four european union countries, meaning all 28 member states could become directly involved in the conflict. >> western countries are gradually stepping up their response. john kerry says that moscow could be excluded from the g-8. politicalld prefer coming together. >> with pro-russian forces around the ukrainian military bases, the united states has used strong words to describe the tension there. >> russia has engaged in a military act of aggression against another country. >> john kerry says the united states may threaten economic sanctions against russia, including travel bans. >> russia they
- sending russian troops into ukraine is illegal. you don't invade another country on phoney pretext in order to assert your interests. >> the u.s. doesn't think sending in troops of its own is the right response. washington and european nations are taking aim at things that matter to moscow. for example, the g8 summit in sochi. the u.s. stopped its planning for the meetings and minutes it may not attend at all. canada, france and britain have taken the same approach. >> there could be ultimately asset freezes, visa bans. there could be, certainly, disruption of any of the normal tried route eaches, business draw back. the rooubel is going down. >> members of congress are ready to draw up sanctions. >> i think congress will have to play an important role if we believe it's important to tone down the military options. the international community of gambling, that russian business interests will pressure putin to think of the well being and change course. the british prime minister says it doesn't stop the need for talks. >> we urge russians to speak directly to ukrainians. so far they
. ukraine called off the troops. >> reporter: ukraine's defense council said his country does not have the military to fend off russia. >> this is an aggression. even aggression is a threat of war. >> russia thought this brazen act of aggression. >> reporter: but no one is offering military support to ukraine. the u.s. is emphasizing diploma cy and sanctions. this afternoon, john kerry announced he will go to kiev. >> i believe russia will set its stage to try to present a different face on. in moscow a group of prokers prokers -- protesters showed support. president obama today spoke with his counter parts in great britain, poland and germany. the white house said all four leaders expressed grave concern about the invasion. and tonight the group of seven nations suspended its participation in the upcoming economic summit in sochi. >>> coming up at 10:30, heartfelt protests and prayers. what people here with roots in ukraine have to say about the crisis there. >>> new at 10:00 tonight, thieves hit a san francisco based animal rescue organization this weekend taking off with a vehicle f
but the global implications of a political stalemate in the ukraine are enormous. so what caused the country's political and economic crisis? cnn chief national security correspondent jim sciutto explains. >> reporter: there's a lot of questions about russia's interest in the ukraine as well as the west. first a reminder here. ukraine is in europe not a million miles away, the capital few municipal-bond miles away that americans travel to all the time, paris, london, rome. western border key u.s. aslice, slovakia, hungary and romania, poland. ukraine not a member of nato but there's been talk about bringing them in. let's get a better sense of russia's interest there. you look at crimea. on the tip of that peninsula, the sevastopol military headquarters. access to the black sea, mediterranean, atlantic, essential for russia and first place that many of those 6,000 and even more russian troops went when they crossed the border from russia into crimea. sovereign ukrainian territory. let's look inside the country as well because there's a split. western part of the country here liens towards eu
fringes, ukraine is in the crossroads, huge country. to go into ukraine and to take over, to invade crimea, is a huge step. and he would only have done it with a president who has shown from the very beginning that he is living in a fantasy world. remember the speech he gave at the u.n. when he started his administration? he said no nation can or should dominate another. i mean, there's not a 12-year-old in the world who believes that. and he said the alignment of nations rooted in the code of war make no sense in this interconnected world. as our secretary of state said today, or yesterday, after all this, this is a 19th century action in a 21st century world. as if what he means his actions where governments pursue expansion, territory domination, no longer exist in this century, as if that hasn't been a constant in all of human history since hannibal. they imagine the world as a new interconnected world where climate change is the biggest threat and they're shocked that the russians actually interested in territory. >> you mentioned secretary kerry on the sunday shows. here he is on "me
's parliament approved putin's request to use military force in ukraine. a country on the brink of civil war after weeks of unrest between pro russian easterners and opposition calling for freedom and dom see. putin's move came hours after president obama made this statement to reporters. >> days after they returned to the world the united states will stand with the international community there will be costs training military interventions. >> fox news learned from a senior u.s. official the pentagon has not prepared any military. the administration is making proposals that would shrink or military. when chuck hagel was nominated to be wecht ry of defense. some of the comments about our allies in the middle east it stared the living die lights out of me. my fears were not understanded. hagel proudly announced his proposals to further execute the readiness of our nation by food productions and cults to military families k housing, too cam bylet crime. we have warned of putting our gored dawn. for to harry truman to who dangerous. in this readiness world it the bound fags of our freedom. the
. it's midday here in london, 7:00 a.m. in washington, 1:00 p.m. in kiev. capital of ukraine. a country, its own prime minister says is on the brink of disaster. there are calls for international observers to be sent in to monitor what is an extremely notable standoff where ukrainian and russian forces have come face to face. the foreign secretary of britain william hague is in kiev. he issued a clear warning about moving troops on ukrainian soil. russian counterparts have said moscow intervened because russian citizens's lives were under threat. >> the pride of the ukrainian navy ripped from the wall of the staff headquarters by a pro russian crowd fast losing patience the the base is surrounded by russian soldiers. and yesterday this man, admiral, head of the ukrainian navy switched sides swearing his allegiance to crimea and moscow. today he returned urging others to follow him. but he underestimates the resolve of his successor standing next to him and the men and women he once commanded. together in defiance they sung the ukrainian anthem. ukraine has not yet died, nor has her glor
's an extremely serious situation but it's all gone. ukraine says its border with four european union countries meaning and twenty eight cm and the states could become directly involved in the conflict. everton go straight to no one to reporting on the ground in crimea rob parsons our chief for an edit that is in terrible noise. mo where a ukrainian minute rebates is and indeed been surrounded by a russian soldiers of the last twenty four was oh so wrong. that is on the situation was happening where you are. no not at all for the signal to both of the artists were outside the ukrainian that the basic idea from land over a fall from the comfort of kindness in federal poll. ukrainian soldiers may be as many as fifteen thousand ultimo on base and not sitting in a thing of the negotiating with the russians loser the russian those two forces surrounded the base is home to set the parameter time that they don't they don't have my deceased and no weapons of an automotive be put to bed but trying to keep the tensions that into sports and as far as they can. but clearly the situation remains tense. don'
. there is an old expression that russia without the ukraine is a country the ukraine it's an empire. ♪ ♪ ♪ told ya you could do it. (dad vo) i want her to be safe. so, i taught her what i uld angot her a subaru. irl) piece of cake. ♪ (announcer) love. it's what makes a suru, a subaru. martha: as russia invades the ukraine, russia taking a big hit by its critics. they say president obama has been outmatched and they say it's not the first time. mike rogers says vladimir putin is running circles around the united states. >> i think putin is playing chess and i think we are playing marbles. if you look at the nuclear negotiations we got our fannies handed to us. they took tactical nukes out of the region, huge mistake especially for our allies in the region. martha: general jack keane and kt mcfarland is our political analyst. she spent a lot of time in the white house and has a lot of expertise as well. did this ball start rolling because of what happened with syria? >> it happened before that. putin has had a 15-year plan to rebuild the soviet empire and rebuild russia's greatness using russia's
on in the ukraine. jenna: and that's interesting because we're seeing germany and other european countries, they're concerned about what could mean for their economy, what kind of actions we all take, if we do, against russia. always great to see you. thank you. >> thanks. jon: it's been more than a year in the making but the oscar pistorius murder trial is underway now in south africa. the former olympian known as blade run other trial for the valentine's day death of his girlfriend. we will break down the first day of testimony for you. [ male announcer ] meet mary. she loves to shop onne with her debit card. and does bill, an identity thie who stole mary identity, took over r bank accounts, and stole her hard-earned money. who unfortunately, millions of americans just like yous, learn all it may take is a little misplaced information to wreak havoc on your life. this is identity theft. and no one helps stop it better than lifelock. lifelock offers the most comprehensive identity theft protection available. if mary had lifelock's , she could have been notified in time to help stop it. lifel
law and given the situation in ukraine, this threat and the threat to our compatriots, russian citizens, these counsel federationfor the use of the armed forces of the territory on ukraine until there is a normalization of the country. >> listening to the interim president of russia, the office of the high commissioner for human rights. so many of the assertions made this afternoon by the russian federation are without basis in reality. >> the european union hosted an emergency meeting. >> we talked about the potential of suspended bilateral talks and these are matters on the new agreement. we will consider targeted measures. >> russian leader vladimir putin states in public on his military. the kremlin granted permission for him to use force last week. the german leader spoke to putin on the phone sunday. sources close to him said put inis in another world. vice president joe biden called moscow monday asking russian prime minister admit ri demedev to pull back forces. secretary of state john kerry heads to kiev tuesday to show support for the young ukrainian government. peopl
country's presence is needed to protect ukraine. soldier in military base in crimea are refusing to leave despite to being surrounded by men who are thought to be russian forces. could you just give us an update as to where you are right now, what's happening on the ground? >> reporter: well, i'm just in front of the base, and about a a half hour ago the commander came out and spoke to the media, and he said basically that he is not surrendering to the russians at this stage. he said it had gone to meet with his commanders for technical reasons, but at the moment he remains under the command of kiev. his soldiers will remain inside the base. he said he was offered a hand by the russian cossacks who told him, can we come in and help protect the weapons? he refused that and said he can protect the weapons inside the base. he also promised that those weapons will remain inside the base. they will not be given to anyone else. we also know of another development. the commanders around the base of this area in crimea who have not surrendered so far have also had a meeting, a separate meeting, a
into ukraine are protecting his country cost citizens living there. that it is necessary to use russian troops in ukraine until the normalization of the political situation. inventions -- interventions on the pretext of civilian populations produce the opposite effect. ukraine has accused russia of a military invasion. is our,ll, here chicago, illinois, morning. caller: good morning. host: what you think of the situation so far and the u.s. response? i am not the president nor do i serve on his foreign relations or national security team. what the u.s. response should be. unless anyone else who is calling and serves on those two hearties, they have no idea what the u.s. response should be, either. host: is any other response appropriate? caller: i can't say if a response would be appropriate, but there should be a response. georgetown, massachusetts, dan. caller: i suggest to the last caller that he actually digs into it and find some than relyingrather on the information we get from big media. not being reported in the press is the fact that this appointed leader of ukraine happens to be a we
country should respect the territorial integrity here. the sovereignty of ukraine. russia said that it would do that and we think it's important that russia keeps its word. >> kerry's counterpart in russia fired right back. he warned the west against forcing any decisions upon the interim ukrainian government. >> translator: it's dangerous and counterproductive to force upon ukraine a choice based on the principal you're either with us or ainst us. ukraine has to be a part of a global european family in the full meaning of the term. >> the crimea the scene of fierce clashes todaybetween pro and anti-russia protesters. the opposing groups were carrying russian and ukrainian flags. two people were killed in those demonstrations. and riots. more than 30 hoitalized. our first guest tonight says vladimir putin is close to achiing exactly what he wanted, drawing ukraine back into the russia sphere and it's not likely he's going t allow this prize to go without a fight. joining us retired marine corps lieutenant colonel bi cower. as we're watching this unfold, we hav the secretary of
threat secretary of state john kerry warned russia any military in ukraine would be a quote, grave miske. >> russia needso be very careful in the judgments that it makes going forward here. we are not looking for confrontation. but we are mang i clear that every country should respect the territorial integrity here. the sovereignty of ukraine. russia said that it would do that and we think it's important thatussia keeps s word. >> kerry's counterpart in rssia fired right back. he rned the west against forcing any decisions upon the interim ukrainian government. >> translator: it's dangerous and counterproductive to force upon ukine a choice based on theprincipal you're either with or against us. ukraine has to be a part of a global european family in the full meaning of the term. >> the crimea, the scene of erce clashes today between pro and anti-russia protesters. the opposing groups were carrying rusan and ukrainian flags. two peole were killed in those demonstrations. and riots. more than 30 hospitalized. our first guest tonight says vladimir putin is close to achieving exactly what h
was given the green light by the country's parliament to use military force in ukraine i began by reports. some ten thousand people marched in downtown moscow on sunday in support of letting it for his actions in ukraine. many said they shared their government's position that russia needs to protect its citizens ukrainian will do deductible is suing him as he continued to support the people who are trying to protect cream yet and so fast before i share this with the leave and go with it rice who was an ace up its support earlier in the day dozens of people were detained at another rally not sanctioned by the authorities to come out to the russian defence ministry to protest against western troops in ukraine. he violates the secretary general on this whole process and accused russia of threatening peace and security newark and called on russia to de escalate tensions. what christ is doing now in ukraine violates the principles of the united nations charter. he threatens peace and security in your own. russia must stop its military activities and heaps of stress. despite repeated western ca
and the events in kiev have resulted in the fact that ukraine is on the brink of a civil war. in the country there is chaos and anarchy. in thehts of people southeast part of crimea are being threatened. under the influence of western --ntries, there are accept there are accept terror and violence. this is why i would call on mr. asking him to use the armed forces of the russian federation to establish legitimacy, peace, law, order, stability, and defend the people of ukraine. , 2014. i have an opportunity to show all of you a photocopy of the original of this statement of the president of ukraine. i show it to the president of russia. there it is. those who aret, trying to interpret this situation as aggression are threatening all with all kinds of sanctions and boycotts. these are indeed our partners who consistently have encouraged forces close to them to engage in alternate is and refrain from andgue, to ignore the -- to polarize ukrainian society. we call on them to show responsible approaches to set aside geopolitical calculations and to put above all the interests of ukrainian people.
is not a nato country, and even ukraine going to war this ukraine is really a worst case scenario. that was one of the lessons of russia's invasion of georgia in 2008, that, you know, often what vladimir putin would love you to do is to start firing at his troops, and then that can justify a whole host of of things that he wanted to do anyway including large scale military invasion. so the idea here is to deescalate, not to escalate, to look tough but not necessarily to use all of the weapons in our arsenal just quite yet. >> host: here is karen, first call for our guest with josh rogin of the daily beast. good morning. >> caller: what i would like you to play is an intercepted telephone call from the woman in the astronaut department to our ambassador in the ukraine. and the thing was all the attention was paid to her bad vocabulary at the end, but what about their discussion on who they wanted to be the leader? the idea that we are not involved, we were involved before these things happened. the second thing i'd like to say is the crimea was given to the ukraine when the ukrainians were the h
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